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If you are a parent and teen who like to read, you may enjoy sharing some of the same books with each other. Try starting a parent-teen book club with some friends.

  • The group should include 4-6 parent-teen pairs (8-12 people).

  • Teens can take the lead in deciding who is in the group, but ultimately this should be a mutual decision between parents and teens. If you have recently relocated, go to the Installation library and talk to the librarian about starting a group. Flyers can be put up in the library, as well.

  • Teens can also take the lead in selecting the books to be read – parent participants can make suggestions, but teens have the ultimate responsibility for selecting the books. In advance, everyone in the group decides on the rules for book selection. Libraries, CSPAN - Book TV,, and large bookstores can be helpful for book selection.

  • Together, set the rules for how the group discussions will be run; make agreements for how the group meetings and organization will be conducted (e.g., every teen gets a chance to select a book, everyone's opinion will be respected, etc.).

How will this activity promote the parent-teen relationship?

Book clubs help to expand the kinds of experiences you can share.

They offer opportunities to learn together and to connect with other people who share your interest in reading.

Book clubs make it possible to learn about each other's perspectives and to appreciate differences as well as find similarities.

An extra twist . . .
The book club can tie in special activities that connect with the books being read:

• Meals

• Trips

• Special events

• Art museum exhibits

• Trying foods described in the book

• Sporting events described in the book

• Seeing a movie about the book

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