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by Air Force Claim Service

1/15/2008 - The Department of Defense recently entered into new contracts with the carrier industry and introduced a program called "Full Replacement Value." With the goal of providing better financial compensation to servicemembers, the new way of moving has significantly changed how claims are filed and processed.

In order to be made whole for any damages or loss suffered, careful observation of the new filing deadlines is required.

The FRV applies to shipments with a pick-up date on or after Oct. 1, 2007, for international shipments (to or from outside of the continental United States), Nov. 1, 2007, for domestic shipments within the United States, and Mar. 1, 2008, for Non-temporary Storage and Direct Procurement Method shipments.

As FRV takes effect in each of these categories, servicemembers will file claims directly with the carrier.

The following guidelines apply to filing and processing claims under the FRV program.
*  If an item is lost or destroyed, the carrier should pay to replace it with a like item. This will usually be a new item but it could be used. Therefore, instead of being paid the depreciated value of the lost or destroyed item, one will be paid to replace the actual item. The carrier will still require proof of the item's value and quality and will likely want evidence of the cost to replace it.

*  If the item is damaged, the carrier can request estimates for repair, get its own estimates or repair it themselves.

*  If claims are filed with the carrier within nine months of delivery, repair estimates are not needed unless the carrier requests them first.

*  Even though there may be a pending issue concerning obtaining repair estimates, it is nonetheless crucial to file a claim prior to the nine-month deadline in order to be reimbursed.

*  If a claim is filed beyond the nine-month mark and under two years, FRV will not apply. The claim will still be adjudicated but standard depreciation and maximum allowable rules will apply, meaning significantly less money will be reimbursed for the item.

*  The statute of limitations bars claim processing beyond two years following delivery. 

*  Pink forms (DD Form 1840R) will still need to be filed with the carrier to notify the carrier of any damage or loss discovered within 75 days of delivery.

*  You must turn the forms in to the legal office within 70 days of delivery for the base legal office to send the pink forms to the carrier with the additional damage/loss noted. Failure to timely turn in the pink forms may prevent you from recovering for the additional loss/damage.

*  The carrier will pay, deny  or make an offer within 60 days of receipt of a complete, substantiated claim. If agreement is reached on the way a carrier handles an item, one would sign a legal release for those items and the money would be dispensed for that item. The carrier will complete payment within 30 days of receipt of notice that a full or partial settlement has been accepted.

What if you don't agree with the carrier's offer?

*  A claim can still be filed with the Air Force Claims Service Center.

*  The center will pay for the appropriate repair or depreciated value and then it will try to collect the FRV from the carrier.

*  Any additional money the center collects from the carrier (this could take up to six months) will be paid to the property owner.

For questions, call the Air Force Claims Service Center 24 hours a day at DSN 986-8044 or toll free at 1-(877) 754-1212 or visit
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