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Its time for my husband and I to renew our lease for our condo for another year but we recently found out he'll be going on deployment for 6 months in november. I'm afraid that if we renew our lease they won't let us out of it when he goes and I don't know anyone here and am going back to be with my family in ny while he's gone. On our lease it says military transfers can get out of the lease but then it says in big letters DEPLOYMENTS DO NOT COUNT AS TRANSFERS. But under it it says temporary duty over 90 days counts as terms for release and my husband says that a deployment is temporary additional duty. Will they have to let us out of the lease or no? I'm just afraid bc I can't afford for us to pay the rent here at a place we aren't living in and still be able to afford to live back at home near my support *friends and family*. Please help I'm so scared that I'm going to have more stress on top of him having to leave for deployment if they won't let us out of this lease.

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There is a military clause (not sure if it is part of Servicemembers Relief Act or not) that states they have to let you out of your lease if you spouse is deployed.  Ask your FRG or Post Legal.  They will be able to tell you where to find it.

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I agree completely with "Biz".  First, negotiate with your landlord for less than a 1 yr lease and second, let your lease expire and rent on  a month to month basis and third find another temporary residence.  Tom Clark, Coldwell Banker NW Group, Spokane, WA 509-499-9999.  www.spokanetom.com

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I don't know what area you live in, but typically here in Hawaii with such a heavy Military influence, Landlords are often quite aware of situations such as yours and will side with constructing a lease to accomidate you. See if you can get the Landlord to do so.

If not I would suggest you move to a month to month. If you are unable to do that Contact your Base Housing Department, they may be able to put you in temporary housing.

Inconvienient? Yes, but not as inconvienient as paying rent on a place you are not living in.

Elizabeth 'Biz' Kellam (RA) Century 21 Commercial, Century 21 Fine Homes and Estates, e-Pro Certified Internet Specialist, EcoBroker

Century 21 Paradise International

Victoria Ward Plaza
210 Ward Avenue #221
Honolulu, HI 96814

Ph: (808) 521-4200 ext. 27
Fax: (808) 447-2101

Email: Elizabeth.kellam@century21.com 

Website: HawaiiRealEstateBiz.com 

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