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in reply to HELP FIND A DOG!! Well, we are fans of bulldogs. We have had our JACK-JACK for 6.5 years now. We have 4 children ages 7,5,3,almost 1. Jack is a American Bulldog. Not to be confsued with a Pitbull wich are great pets as well. If you are looking for a med size dog, that dose not shed you should try a min schouer, bull terrier or a min poodle. Pooedles are hypoalergenic and do not shed, a min poodle is about 15-30 lbs. Corgis are gret pets but do shed alot. Your best bet is to really look up and study a breed before getting one. See what entails in training what the breed was breed to do oringanlly, it really help to know all that. I have been working with animals for the past 13 years and a groomer for the past 5. If you have any questions please feel ree to email me giavannabaker at gmail dot com. Also the pounds are filled with loving pets. Take your children with you and spend some time with differant dogs and let them enteract with your kids beofre taking nay pets home.If you can lay a dog/puppy on its back and play with its toes and tail and ears while on its back with out sturgling or chewing is always a good sign. Good luck and god bless

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I have been grooming for 17 years and have been in the dog circuit (breeding, showing, etc.) for over 30. I currently own a standard and a mini goldendoodle and am very happy with them. They are highly intelligent, hence easily trained.Neither sheds,and their coats are pretty low-maintenance and only need a good brushing through once a week. Both are F1(golden retriever x poodle),which sometimes will have a minimal amount of shedding, but the F1B's (goldendoodle x poodle) definitely won't shed. The mini weighs 30 lb., about the size of a shetland sheepdog. Most "non-shedding" breeds have very high maintenance coats and have to be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks, which can be an ongoing expense you should be aware of. Not all are good with children, but some that I would recommend are miniature poodles, miniature goldendoodles,shih tzu, bichon frise, west highland white terrier, cairn terrier, schnauzer.  Linda at HappyTails, Groton,CT

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