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Average weather in Panama City, Florida
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average temp. (F) 50.3 53.1 59.0 64.7 71.8 77.8 80.0 79.8 76.9 67.4 59.1 52.2
High temperature (F) 61.9 65.0 70.6 76.6 82.9 87.7 89.1 89.0 87.0 79.5 71.3 64.1
Low temperature (F) 38.7 41.2 47.4 52.8 60.7 67.9 70.9 70.5 66.8 55.2 46.9 40.3
Precipitation (in) 5.7 4.7 6.2 3.7 3.9 6.0 8.7 7.5 6.1 3.5 4.5 4.1

Year round temperatures in the Panama City area are generally mild and pleasant.  Temperatures range from the high 90's in the summer with an average of 81 degrees.  The average winter temperature is around 53 degrees with night lows of 30.  Since we sit on the Gulf of Mexico, humidity is high.  Annual precipitation averages 57".

The weather in "Sunny Florida" presents its own hazards--from sunburns to lightning strikes.  When out "soaking up some rays" be sure to use a sunscreen.  Don't be fooled by overcast, hazy skies or a cool breeze...even though you may not feel hot, you're still getting a sunburn.  Lightning strikes are a frequent occurrence here.  If you notice dark clouds, thunder, or lightning approaching the area, seek shelter.  If boating, head to the nearest landfall and seek shelter.

Tyndall AFB and Panama City's gulf front location are subject to tropical storms and hurricanes.  Hurricane season runs from 1 June through 30 November.  Planning and preparation are vital to ensuring safety.  Families should have survival kits and evacuation plans in place.  Local authorities and base officials will advise when specific areas are to be evacuated and where to go for shelter.  Maxwell AFB, Moody AFB and Robbins AFB are within a 350 mile radius of Tyndall AFB are the primary evacuation sites for active duty personnel and their families.

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