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You should report directly to your Command Support Staff (formerly known as the Orderly Room).  If you arrive during other than normal duty hours report to the 24 hour check-in point at the Bolling Inn, Building 602, 52 Thiesen Street.

Your Command Support Staff will direct you how to accomplish your in-processing and assist you to accomplish all your mandatory appointments.

Please note:  If you get married before you PCS, you must inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them.  The military will not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.


All incoming personnel, whether eligible or ineligible for assignment to government quarter or accompanied/unaccompanied by family members, will report to building 406 Fort Myer, VA, basement HQ's Cmpany, USAG.

Those soldiers reporting after duty hours, on weekends, or holidays, report and sign in at Bldg. 406, CQ desk.

A check list along with the date and time for START RIGHT will be issued.  START RIGHT is held each Thursday and Friday at ACS, Bldg. 201 Custer Road, Fort Myer. WHAT TO BRING TO START RIGHT: 12 copies each of reasignment orders, duty memorandum and amendments, Form 31 (leave form) must be signed into gaining unit, copy of any travel advance, copy of receipts and plane ticket, DA Form 4187 for rations, DD Form 788, Termination/Assignment of quarters, driver's license, weight tickets, car registration and proof of auto insurance, medical and dental records.  For more information call 703-696-3510/0046 or DSN 426-3510/0046.

Important documents to hand carry:  school records and birth certificates if you have children, in order to register for child care or school entry, health and dental records for all family members. If seeking employment bring school transcripts, updated resume or SF 171, Personnel Qualification Statement, professional certifications or licenses, proof of car insurance, family immunization records, pet registration licenses, and letters of credit from previous utility companies in order to waive deposits where accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - If a soldier has received PCS orders and married while enroute to his/her new duty station, the spouses travel will not be reimbursed.  An ammendment of orders must be processed.  Contact the Personnel Services Center Military Personnel Division at (703) 696-0015/0007.


Submit your PCS claim and all pay or travel paperwork through your company admin office.

Ensure that you have the following documentation to submit with your PCS travel claim:

  • Lodging receipts showing balance paid-in-full, dates of     stay, and number of occupants for any TLE claims.

  • Original Orders Detaching and Reporting Endorsements

  • Availability of Quarters Endorsement Receipts for Transportation Expenses (airplane,bus,cab,etc.)

If you desire to change your Direct Deposit, obtain a Form SF-1199A from the institution to which you want to transfer.  Fill out the form completely and submit it via your admin unit.  Do not close your old account until you verify that your pay has started being deposited into your new account.

All personnel checking into HQMC or Henderson Hall, must report to Henderson Hall, bldg 29, room 205 to begin the check-in process.

All personnel reporting after normal working hours will report to the Duty NCO in Building 25, (703) 614-6247,  Henderson Hall Barracks.  The Staff Duty NCO's phone number is (703) 695-2667 or DSN 224-2667.

If you require personalized assistance prior to check-in, please call the S-1 Office during normal work hours (0730-1630) at (703) 614-7171, or DSN 224-7171.

Please contact the Marine and Family Services, Relocation Assistance Office at (703)614-7202, or DSN 224-7202, for any other assistance concerning the relocation of your family.

All personnel checking into HQBN or Henderson Hall must be in the Service "A" uniform.  Report to the Battalion S-1 Office in Building 29, room 205 during normal duty hours.  After working hours, report to the Duty NCO in Building 25, telephone (703) 614-6247.

All officers and Marines requiring administrative support, reporting to HQMC on PCS, Active Duty Special Work (ADSW),TAD, and Active Duty for Training (ADT) orders should report to the MilPers Section, HQBN, Henderson Hall, building 29, to receive the endorsement of orders and initiate the check-in process.  Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA), and other administrative support for all officers and Marines detaching from HQMC (or all activities and special assignments outside of HQMC in the Washington DC area under ADCON of the CO, HQBN) will be provided by the MilPers Section, HQBN, Henderson Hall.  Any officers detaching on PCS orders and any with PCA orders should obtain their orders and assistance from the MilPers Section, HQBN, Henderson Hall.  For more information, call (703)614-7171.

If you require any personalized assistance prior to check-in, please call the Battalion S-1 Office during normal work hours (0730-1630) at (703) 614-7171 or DSN 224-7171.

Please contact the Marine and Family Services for any other assistance you might need at (703)614-7200/7202.


Newcomers arriving in the Washington, DC area report to their individual commands for guidance before seeking out the local Personnel Support Detachment (PSD).  Before you leave your current duty station it is a good idea to have the number to your new command and sponsor on hand.

Within the National Capitol Region, 126 commands exist under various leadership. Your sponsor or command will identify your servicing PSD.

Listed below are a few of the major commands in the area who fall under Naval District Washington and their PSD or Command Check-in phone numbers.  This list is not all-inclusive.

Command Check In POCs

Command Phone Number


(202) 781-0000


(301) 669-5556

NNMC, Bethesda

(301) 295-4611

White House Communications

(202) 757-6070


(202) 762-3211


(703) 695-0231

NNDC, Bethesda

(301) 295-5411


(240) 857-4880

CBU 422

(202) 433-4203

Ceremonial Guard

(202) 433-0050


(202) 685-5017


(202) 433-4475


(202) 685-1146


(202) 433-0960

Personnel Support Detachment

Personnel Support Detachment Notes Location Phone Number

PSD - Washington, DC

NSA - Bldg 92


PSD - Bethesda

Bethesda Personnel Only

Bldg 8, 8901 Wisconsin Ave



Keep in mind that procedures vary from one PSD to the next, so the following is a generalization, call your servicing PSD or your sponsor to obtain specific procedures:

  • Bring: service records, and original endorsed transfer orders, all household goods forms, original receipts for TLE, copy of the lease you have signed for non-government housing, or acceptance letter for government housing and

  • "release from government quarters" from your last housing office.

  • Update Page Two and SGLI forms. If you recently got married, divorced, or had a child, or a change in dependents, bring all supporting records to ensure Page Two gets changed properly.

  • Bring in all original receipts for travel claim. Newcomers arriving in the Washington, DC area report to your command followed by your Personnel Support Detachment (PSD). Report to the quarterdeck of your command to check in.

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